We’re ALMOST Ready To Ship It!

Warning: There are piles of cute puppies flying in an airplane at the bottom of this news update.

We’re SO CLOSE to being done with the game!!!

To-Do List:
1. We’re implementing on-screen logging of combat values.  Scrolling text box style, so you can tell exactly what just happened in combat and why.
2. Beat the game up for a few days and make sure there’s nothing that makes it crash.
3. Send out newsletter and emails to Alpha testers to download the new v0.3 which is actually more like release candidate 1, yay!
4. Ship v0.3 to early access customers over at GamersGate.com – we have already begun this process, actually. Takes a couple days to make it happen.
5. Test test test and tweak the knobs a little bit until it’s just right.
6. SHIP IT!!!!
7. 10% of profits from game sales go direct to dog transport and rescue services, saving dogs and getting them to homes that love them.
More about puppies after this…


2014-11-28 01_34_06-Steam Greenlight __ Apollo4x

Let me tell you why…
If we don’t get greenlit, we’re going to release the game on GamersGate, itch.io, maybe Desura, couple other places.  However, we know for a concrete fact, from talking to other devs who are on Steam that about 85% of their sales comes from there.  So, this tells us that if we get on Steam, we’re going to not only continue to support this game, we’re going to make ANOTHER game.   I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you this much… it will be plenty weird, and probably teach people something along the way.  We have lofty goals.

BONUS PLAN:  When you vote for us, make SURE you put a comment in the list.
I’m going to celebrate getting this over with by liberally sprinkling goodies on the names I see in the comment list.  That’s a promise.

Now, I promised you some puppies.  I’m a man of my word.  Brace yourself, this is a lot of puppies.
We’re going to donate the profit we make to dog rescue operations.  We’re pretty heavily involved in this, and have been for years.  So, we’ll buy gas for the plane, sponsor the local no-kill shelters, and help the dogs get transitioned from places where they do have kill shelters to locations that are willing to take them in.  We’ll do what we’re already doing – just that much more of it.

Mike has been covered by CNN. He’s the real thing, and has been committed to this for many years.

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