News Updates 11-25-2014

Current progress thus far has been moving along ahead of schedule.

At the beginning of November, we were able to make the game available to early access participants via our store page.

Ever since, we’ve been working daily to get all the new features into the game that we’ve got planned:

  • New Apollo factions to recruit, to unlock special powers you can use.
  • Two more Centaur factions to face in combat.
  • Wormholes.
  • Pillaging planets for resources.
  • In-game help and tooltips system.

It has been a constant cycle of building new features, QA testing, bug catching, patching, and then adding more features the next day.

We’re very happy to report that we have arrived at a stable Alpha build that we’re calling version 0.2.0, and it’s being sent to right now.  We’ll let everyone know as soon as they make it available to download.

Additionally, we’ll be rebuilding the PDF manual as well as a newly revised game guide section here on the website to reflect the changes that have happened in the interval since 0.1.0 was released.

A note about version numbers:  We changed from our original pre-alpha versioning scheme where 0.11 was the current build at the time of early access, to a new system that we’d like to explain here.

Major version is at zero.  It will become v1.0 at the time the game is released as fully complete.
Minor version is 0.2 at this time, because it’s the 2nd release to the public of Alpha code.
Point version is 0.2.0 and will increment to 0.2.1 then 0.2.2 and so on as we keep building internal versions that are tested between store releases.
The next version that will be publicly available will thus be 0.3.0.