v0.2.0 Patch Notes — 11-26-2014

Patch Notes
Version 0.2.0

Additions since early access released version 0.1.0:

>> City State Additions:

* Free York
** Trade with a centaur colony (Smuggling)

* Oligarch Dynasty
** +30 Capital per turn passive bonus
** Reroll corporate list
** Remove corporate demand from colony

* Logopolis
** Travel via wormholes
(Travel to a wormhole, exit any other wormhole)

* Nova Roma
** Pillage a planet, making it uninhabitable for a profit.
** New “Praetorian” military unit (Not in-game in this version).

>> Game Feature Additions:

* Sounds! Most UI interactions have nice sound effects now.
* 2D / 3D map option on “new game settings” screen. 2D mode makes the map flat by making Z coordinates of all planets zero.
* Added wormholes to map. Travel between them with Logopolis ability.

>> UI changes:

* Beautification of most of the UI elements. Re-drawn slide-out panels and buttons.
* Colony list panel now functional to select colony to focus camera on.
* Colony list panel now displays:
Demands, Supplies, Fleet, Cities, Net Nodes, relative distance to other colonies.
* Colony list now updates in realtime. Don’t have to close/open it anymore. Sorted in order of distance from currently selected colony.
* Added 2D option to game start options screen.
* When an import or export on a colony is bought/sold the icon dims to indicate that item is unavailable now.
* Oligarch Dynasty makes an [X] appear in the “Upgrade” screen next to the corporate demands. Clicking it spends 5 clout to eject the current demand in that slot.
* Options Menu allows resolution changes, music and effects volume sliders.

>> Game Balance Changes:

* Changed fleet cost calculations to linear math.
* Fleet costs now 1/3rd previous values.
* Buying fleet on planets is now 2 fleet per production point.
* When trade run ends, all dimmed imports/exports are restocked, but at worse pricing. Trade run can be repeated as much as colonys have fleet to support it.
* At end of trade run, all imports that were sold to colony have a 50% chance to flip to their alternate demand.

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